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The Importance of Nature, Movement & Unstructured Play For Our Children 

10AM TO 12PM

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Limited slots available!

Raising a child in a pandemic involves both parent and child having to deal with a lot of social and regulatory uncertainty and unpredictability that may affect their mental health and sense of safety & stability. 


At the same time, the school environment now rightly emphasises on safety restrictions but has the downside of reduced social interaction and time to play in fresh air or to play freely. 


It is even more imperative for us to support our children’s developmental needs and mental well-being through child-led play in nature. 


Join us in our upcoming workshop - “Nature & Unstructured Play: Living in a Pandemic”, where we will be sharing with you the factors that play an important role in helping our children thrive and flourish while living in a pandemic and discuss with you ways to incorporate unstructured play easily into your family’s daily routine.

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