MifSha Kids prides in providing Islamic educational tools and solutions for young children.
MifSha Kids first began as an online shop in 2013, selling kids' apparels and accessories.

In 2015, MifSha Kids rebranded to serve a more fulfilling purpose of providing accessible Islamic educational resources for busy parents.
Realising that there are many young parents who want to start educating their offsprings in Islam but need helping hands on where and how to start, ChiChi LaLa Events was born in 2016.
Through ChiChi LaLa Events, MifSha Kids aims to promote early Islamic education and the importance of parents’ roles in their children’s education.
Since then, MifSha Kids also organises workshops and programs that provide a healthy Islamic learning environment for children and parents.
Our Mission
To promote active parenting and provide solutions for parents and educators in creating a conducive Islamic learning environment for young children
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