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In this generation of YouTube, vlogs and digital marketing, storytelling and presentation are essential life-skills, don't you think so?

Build your child's confidence and encourage them to enter a storytelling competition!

Design costumes from recyclable materials for the KIDS TRASHION CONTEST and stand to win $500 worth of prizes sponsored by Fabriques Asia.

Is your child great at spelling?

Come join in the SPELLING BEE COMPETITION and win great prizes by Swing Store!

For Ages 6 to 8 years Old

Are you great at DIY Learning Resources?


Join us in this Mystery Box Challenge and create learning resources within the time frame given. 


Stand to win prizes by Tuscani Tapware!

Come join us in a fun challenge as a family!


A maximum of 4 members in a group.

Win prizes by 

Kidz Paradize!

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